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C.D.C International Corporation diversifies into a broad range of services including consulting service for international development assistance, technical training service for agriculture, and management of Bistro "HAIKARAYA".

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Organization Chart

Organization Chart


Department of Human Resource Development Department of Community Development Department of Environment and Agriculture Department of Administration and Management Kochi Branch

Objectives of Departments

Department of Human Resource Development
Capacity of each individual enables sustainable development of society. We nurture human resources with high expertise, capacity to solve problems and cooperative attitudes both in Japan and abroad.
Education / Public Health:

Nurturing human resources of high quality ensures active and developed communities. Our operational focus is placed on education of science and mathematics in the education field and rehabilitation and social participation of disabled people in the public health field.

Planning / Training:

We assist our clients in implementing various types of training in efficient and effective ways. We have rich experience in curriculum-designing, inviting and coordinating with resource persons on clients' behalf, organizing public events, and advertising.

Department of Community Development

Welfare may not be achieved without good balance between social stability and economic prosperity. We support people in building their economic foundations and developing their businesses with due consideration to social sustainability.

Economic and Industrial Development
  1. Support for entrepreneurs and small-and-middle-sized businesses;
  2. Vocational training; and
  3. Support for cooperatives
Social and Community Development:
  1. Support for legal and judicial development in developing countries;
  2. Peacebuilding activities in post-conflict areas; and
  3. Gender mainstreaming
Department of Environment and Agriculture
Clean air, clean water, and safe food are indispensable for life of quality. We think that environmental conservation and agricultural development must be compatible with each other. We propose ways to realize such co-existence.

Aiming at "promotion of agriculture, building of resource-recycling society, and activation of communities," we have been collaborating with various partners both in Japan and abroad. Our partners in Japan include the Institute of Resource Recycling of Kinki University in promoting organic farming, and farmer's cooperatives and other community organizations in organizing activities and events to activate local communities. We also assist farmers in developing countries in improving their agricultural techniques and management skills.


We regretfully recognize that the aggravating deterioration of natural environment is destroying ecosystems all over the world. Environmental deterioration is more severely experienced in developing countries where there often lack effective countermeasures. We support developing countries in strengthening their skills to prevent environmental deterioration, especially in conserving biological diversity and ecosystems.

Department of Administration
The department assists the other departments in their operation through taking care of administrative matters including human resource management, finance, accounting and others. In addition, the department is also in charge of miscellaneous business such as public relations, sale of food products and operation of the Bistro "Haikara-ya" in Kobe.


Kochi Branch

Located in Suzaki, Kochi, a city facing the Pacific Ocean, the Kochi Branch of CDC International has operated various kinds of business in successful ways. It has succeeded in sale of tools, machinery and materials for farmers, planning and designing of business for its clients, operation of tuna-fishing boats, and organization of training programs on farming for foreign trainees. Its most significant achievement is co-organization with a local farmer's cooperative "JA Tosa Kuroshio" of a training program on farming for trainees from the Benguet State, the Philippines.

This highly successful collaboration with the local farmers' organization started in November 1997. The program accepts approximately 15 trainees annually, and the total number of accepted trainees is now over 160. A major feature of the program is direct exchange and technique transfer between farmers in Kochi and their counterparts in Benguet. The program has realized direct exchange between actual farmers in the field of both countries.

Many farmers in Suzaki grow commercial crops such as vegetables and flowers. Especially, mioga ginger cropped in Suzaki makes a considerable share within the produce in Japan. Benguet is famous for vegetables cropped in its highland area. It provides the Metro Manila area with plentiful supply of vegetables. Exchange between the two agricultural communities, whose major focus is placed on farming techniques, has produced a lot of fruitful results.

*Accomplishment in technical training(PDF/About 33KB)

Department of Human Resource Development Department of Community Development Department of Environment and Agriculture Department of Administration and Management Kochi Branch