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C.D.C International Corporation diversifies into a broad range of services including consulting service for international development assistance, technical training service for agriculture, and management of Bistro "HAIKARAYA".

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CEO's message

CEO's message

Takamitsu Takada Chief Executive Officer CDC International CorporationAttacking Kobe, where CDC International's headquarters is located, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of January 1995 brought about drastic change of our mindsets toward business development. Moved by formidable devastation caused by the great quake, CDC International, a young corporation that had just started its business, developed its unique business style through participating in volunteer activities assisting the devastated community in Kobe. Such precious experiences impressed on CDC International two significant concepts that would later form the foundation of the corporation's business, namely "Man and Nature" and "Community."

CDC International is proud of its highly-qualified staffs, many among whom have international volunteer experiences in developing countries with Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV). Each staff member of CDC International is willing to contribute to community development with his/her own technical expertise. Such aspiration of our staff members has formed the corporation's mission "to create business contributing to community development with a view to harmony between Man and Nature" and finally crystallized into the corporation's name - "Center for Diversity of Creation."

In order to materialize our aspiration, we have committed ourselves in a broad range of business. CDC International's major achievements include:

  • Continuously sending CDC's staff members as technical experts to various projects operated by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA);
  • Successful collaboration with the Institute of Resource Recycling, Kinki University, Japan in organic farming promotion, including wholesale of harvest;
  • Successful collaboration with JA Tosa Kuroshio (a farmer's cooperative in Kochi, Japan) in accepting farmers from the Philippines for training on farming management;
  • Production of a mass event commemorating the first anniversary of the consolidation of several farmer's cooperatives in Hyogo to JA Hyogo Rokko; and
  • Various contracts on public relations with JICA and private businesses.

It is great pleasure for us that we could contribute to society through mobilizing our expertise in a wide range of fields.

While CDC International is proud of its significant achievements, it needs to prudently but swiftly prepare itself for the on-going drastic changes in social and business environment led by globalization and progress of information technology. The company is now required to respond to emerging needs of civil society, ranging from global issues such as poverty, armed conflicts and environmental deterioration, to miscellaneous issues in local communities.

With a view to responding to such needs, every staff member of CDC International is further enhancing his/her technical expertise and the company is expanding its network with private enterprises, public corporations, and academic institutions such as research institutes and universities. We aspire to develop new business frameworks based on network connecting experience and expertise of us and our network partners.

By mobilizing our expertise, we shall devote ourselves to promoting active local communities and founding society that ensures development, welfare and peace for people.

Takamitsu Takada
Chief Executive Officer
CDC International Corporation


Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of CDC International is to promote active communities. By mobilizing our technical expertise to the maximum, we contribute to founding society where people may achieve economic and social development so that they may enjoy better life in a sustainable manner.

Human Resource Development

Capacity of each individual enables sustainable development of society. We nurture human resources with high expertise, capacity to solve problems and cooperative attitudes both in Japan and abroad.

Economic Development

Welfare may not be achieved without good balance between social stability and economic prosperity. We support people in building their economic foundations and developing their businesses with due consideration to social sustainability.

Environmental Conservation and Agricultural Development

Clean air, clean water, and safe food are indispensable for life of quality. We think that environmental conservation and agricultural development must be compatible with each other. We propose ways to realize such co-existence.