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C.D.C International Corporation diversifies into a broad range of services including consulting service for international development assistance, technical training service for agriculture, and management of Bistro "HAIKARAYA".

  • Dispatch of Technical Experts
  • International Consulting Service
  • Technical Training
  • Publicity and Event
  • Food related Business

Dispatch of Technical Experts

*To see our accomplishment with the PDF files, please click each area on the map. map Asia & the Pacific results Africa results C. & S. America results Middle East results

International Consulting Service

*Accomplishment in consulting( 2006~) (PDF/About 47KB)

Technical Training

We accept foreign technical trainees in the various fields and provide practical training with local communities through cooperation with local governments and relevant organizations.

*Accomplishment in technical training(PDF/About 90KB)

Publicity and Event

We develop publicity tools such as posters, leaflets and audio-visual materials related to activation of local community or/and international development.
We also manage various events as a secretariat.

*Accomplishment of the publicity service (PDF/About 65KB)

Food related Business

For more than a decade, we have proposed and provided good food product for health and environment in cooperation with Prof. Naomichi Tanaka, Institute of Resource Recycling, Faculty of Agriculture, Kinki University.
This business was started from symposiums and seminars to consider the future of agriculture in Japan with the participants. Then, we got involved in technical assistance on pumpkin cultivation in Tonga in 2001, and imported and sold 970 tons of them the following year. That aimed not only to sell pumpkins but to establish sustainable system for maximization of Tongan profit and its soil remediation.
We've so far stretched from cultivation to sale of chemical reduced vegetable as well as quality check with the technical assistance of Prof. Tanaka.
You can taste these healthy vegetables at the Japanese Bistro "HAIKARAYA" which we directly manage.